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#1 2012-11-25 18:36:38

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Just Manager is not Just Menager it is Best Manager

Yesterday I by accident downloaded Just Manager and installed.

It is so astonishing to find that in spite of being such a small installation size, Just Manager exceeds by miles to most of the available File Managers, both free as well non-free. I think this application has been developed very recently yet it is stronger and down to earth option filled than those who develop such applications for years. I am using double panel File Managers for last 20 years and have most of them because I never used Windows Explorer.

I congratulate the team of this application for their wonderful efforts.

Perhaps, if required, I shall come here and ask a few minor things pertaining to my local customisation.

Best of luck.


#2 2012-11-26 13:21:42

QA Lead
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Re: Just Manager is not Just Menager it is Best Manager

Sajjansinghania, thanks for your message!
You are welcome to ask questions, post found bugs or suggest new features.
We try to create ligth, fast and usefull file manager, and it will be great if it will be convenient for any user.


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