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#1 2013-11-02 23:55:02

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Some suggestions of features and improvements

First of all, I would like to say that your software is very good and promising, especially as a free application.

Here are the features and imporvements that I think are important :

- Make possible to use wildcards to hide files. For example : F:\*.tmp would hide every tmp file on the racine of the drive. Other example : C:\Music\*.jpg -r would hide every jpg file in the directory Music and all of his sub-directories. Support of recursive parameter (-r). This last example would permit to hide all album pictures that are with mp3 for example. I think it is a musthave feature !

- Add an icon in the toolbar that has the function to order files, even in list display. In configuration, make possible to set an order recursive. For example : "C:\Program Files" -r would set the same order display to the directory and all of his sub-directories. Add a way to record the order setting in the current directory. Practical feature I think.

- Make possible to create many folders at the once time. Not a priority but It can be usefull. For example you click on the button, a window is opened. You enter : folder1, folder2, folder3. Press ok. These 3 folders are created. You can use line return as a separator if you prefer. If you enter note1.txt, note2.txt, note3.txt. You press ok, and these 3 text files are created. It would be an usefull feature.

That's all for now.

Best regards.


#2 2013-11-04 10:08:10

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Re: Some suggestions of features and improvements

First - I propose to add this feature to: "Settings" -> "Folder view profiles" -> "Add" -> "Profile settings".
Second - I don't understand. Is it like to Ctrl+B in Total Commander?
Third - It's not usefully. Everyone will not be difficult to press F7 every time, for each folder.


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