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#1 Suggestions » Nice App! Looking for a replacement... » 2015-03-08 17:56:07

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I am a big fan of Cubic Explorer, I've used it for around 4-5 years now and despite it's minor bugs it is simply the best file manager for my needs. I don't need many of the enhanced or power features of most File Managers, but am looking for something as close to my needs as possible.

As it is becoming apparent that the dev is not going to continue with it I'm looking for a replacement. XYplorer, MultiCommander, FreeCommander and DirectoryOpus are the only viable options for me. The XYfree won't suit me so I would definitely be interested in the Lifetime License should my requests be met. Though I realise you have to choose what you think is in your best interests. DirectoryOpus is by far the closest and most suitable but is too expensive considering I need it to be portable, which costs extra! Then I came across JustManager.

We all have our ways of working and although it's impossible to cater for everyone's different ways, it is possible to achieve this to a great extent by making apps completely customisable.

A simple interface is also a major key which, I feel, few dev's seem to realise. It's good that app's have a 1000 features to cater for the masses, but most users probably only use around a third or less during the life of the app.

The more a user can change things to suit their 'style' the more likely you have a winner app. So with this I politely request the following features:

1. Open in Bookmarks and Drives in a New Tab by default:
Drives - via buttons on drop down or toolbar

2. It would be great if the Themes could include certain areas that appear to be currently left out. This is mainly things like the Menus, Tab borders, Drive Buttons and the Drive Drop Menu, FileView border, Toolbar Button borders, etc

3. I only have a few Buttons showing as well as a single Button for the Main Menu items, so I have a lot of wasted space after the Drive Drop Menu and the Main Toolbar. Basically this request is for flexibility to move the Drive Buttons/Drop Menu onto the same line as the Toolbar to form a single line instead of two with loads of blank space.

4. Session Tabs - On startup I want certain Folders open each time, but no others.

5. An important aspect of a File Manager is the ability to completely replace Windows Explorer. If you use an alternative to Windows Explorer on a regular basis, you need your replacement to act as the default application handling all calls for WE.

6. Close button on all tabs.

7. Remove borders around Toolbars and Fileview area.

8. Allow custom colour for Highlighted Button border.

9. Allow custom colour for non-focused Tab Borders so as to more easily distinguish Focused Tab.

10. Auto-updater for either Portable or installer version.

11. Add Checkbox Selection to FileView for selecting files.

12. Add button or R-click command to Undo Closed Tabs. Preferably keep a list of last 10 Closed Tabs.

Thank you for your consideration


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