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#1 Re: Bugs and Problems » Unable to type the first letter of a filename to jump straight to it » 2017-06-28 10:51:09

Well, after sending an e-mail to JustManager tech support asking for help 3 months ago & after posting here asking for help 1 month ago & getting ZERO response so far, I have finally found the solution for this JM deal-breaking issue!

I uninstalled JM & installed Tablacus Explorer which is a free, open source tabbed file manager with Add-on support (just like Chrome/Firefox/Thunderbird). It is still been actively supported in GitHub & the TE author is very responsive. So, TE is now my NUMBER ONE file manager & Q-Dir is my backup.

Check TE out at:
https://www.eonet.ne.jp/~gakana/tablacu … er_en.html

#2 Bugs and Problems » Unable to type the first letter of a filename to jump straight to it » 2017-05-23 20:15:38

Dear all,

I downloaded Just Manager v0.1 Alpha 54 recently & after installation on Windows 10 64-bit, I find that it's so much better than Q-Dir because JM allows me to set up more than 4 panes side by side on my 32-inch monitor. However, there's a major problem with JM that I had no choice but to fall back to Q-Dir & I shall explain more about the issue now.

I have to deal with a ton of files on a daily basis, so in order to find a file in the shortest possible time, I will just type the first letter of the filename that I can remember & all the file managers that I have used so far will jump directly to the file, for example:
If I want to find a file with a filename that starts with the letter "M", I just press the "m" key & immediately, I will be presented with a list of files with filenames that start with the letter "M".

However, JM doesn't do that & I have gone through its Settings many many times, struggling to find a way to enable this function but unfortunately, in vain. I know exactly how to do it for Windows Explorer:
Folder Options > View > Advanced settings > When typing into list view > Select the typed item in the view

So, can anyone please please pretty please help me to enable this function in JM? I did send an e-mail to "support_justmanager@hotmail.com" on 22 Mar 2017 but there's no response so far.

Thank you so much & have a nice day.

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