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#1 Re: Old bugs » lost locked tabs when they become unreachable » 2013-10-11 14:06:30

Not sure if it's alright to post it here, cause it's related...

Just to point out that the tabs don't keep their renamed names when you reopen the program with that "check all paths at startup" options disabled.

#3 Re: Suggestions » Internal File Associations » 2013-08-12 16:06:08

I would also love this function, very important for portable use, and like the previous user said, double-click is more practical than using the "view", specially if you're more of a mouse user than a keyboard user

Please reconsider it, it's the only thing missing for me, it would make JM the perfect file manager


#4 Old bugs » lost locked tabs when they become unreachable » 2013-08-12 14:56:31

Replies: 4

Not exactly a bug, more like an annoyance that could probably be fixed

When you reenter the program and the tabs in the previous tab session become unreachable (eg. if you connect to a different pc, or unplugg drives), they get reseted (even if they are locked) and you loose all your tabs. A work around for this would be to disable "check all paths on startup", but with this disabled a new annoyance appears: the current tabs don't respect the min and max tab widths set in options (until clicked on)

So, anyway to "fix" this, in order for the tabs (paths) to never reset if unreachable?

thanks in advance, and thanks for this great file manager

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